Clearing services are aimed at creating a healthy, productive, and profitable environment.


Clearing an environment transforms energies and makes it safer, healthier and happier for you, and your family, animals and plants. I would like to share some experiences people have had after I cleared their homes.

One home the owner stated she smelled cigar or cigarette smells from time to time and felt the people who lived there before her must have smoked. Perhaps this person died and his or her energy stayed around her home. After having her home cleared, she no longer smells tobacco and feels the energy in her home changed.

Another woman broke up a long time relationship with her boyfriend, who lived with her. She went into a depression and had a difficult time recovering. After I used sage and Reiki to clear her home, she noticed immediate changes and became a stronger and happier person with his energy out of her home.

Space clearing is an important investment to create a safe, successful life for yourself and your family. If you have a feeling when you walk into your home that something is not right, you probably are correct. If you suffer from broken or difficult relationships, depression, sleep issues, or problems with career or business, perhaps your residence needs clearing.

I work on site in your home. The results begin immediately, but it can take up to 72 hours for complete results to manifest. Common experiences after having your space cleared are listed below:

  • Feeling an increase in peace and tranquility
  • Noticing you focus or concentrate better
  • Noticing you can finish a project you began
  • Experiencing better sleep with no nightmares
  • Observing better behavior in children and animals (who are very sensitive to negative energies)
  • Feeling less irritation
  • Emotionally, feeling more balanced and positive


In addition to the above results, businesses may experience:

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Fewer accidents and equipment breakdowns
  • Better communication and morale
  • Improved sales
  • Better employee performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Each person is unique, so it is impossible to predict exactly which benefits you will experience. I am eager to hear about your experience with this wonderful process