What can one expect from a Reiki treatment? 

Here are some people’s experiences:

  • When I first had Reiki I did not notice anything.  I was not really that connected to my body and its needs that much.  The more I gave myself this gift, the more I realized it was wonderfully relaxing; it took a negative day and made it positive.
  • I noticed very little at first; two days later I had so much energy.
  • I slept so well that night.
  • I have not had a good night’s sleep in so long; I did that night.
  • I suffer with road rage; after the treatment I did not get angry when people cut me off; when they did, I remained calm.  That is different for me.

Because everyone’s experience is different, it is difficult to say what you can expect.  Perhaps pain relief, better sleep, enhanced physical healing, enhanced emotional healing, or increased energy.  Whatever your body chooses to heal it is on a cellular level, since it does the choosing, it connects with universal energy.  The more Reiki is experienced the more benefit people receive.  Negative energy changes to positive with Reiki.