A few words about Carol

After a car accident, Carol experienced excruciating pain from several herniated disks in her neck and upper spine. She was advised not to receive any manipulation, such as massage or chiropractic treatment, for two weeks following the accident, so she saw a Reiki master to relieve her pain without the use of drugs. Her personal experience led her to study Reiki.

Carol has long had an interest in alternative medicine, beginning with her own miraculous recovery from anaphylactic shock, prescription drug-induced. That started her on a path to use alternative ways to heal the body. Through chiropractic treatment and a high volume of vegetable juices targeted to rapidly clear toxins from her body, she was able to recover. For pain, caused by a condition called spinal stenosis, she uses homeopathy, herbs and aromatherapy. Last year, she used raindrop therapy to rid herself of a condition with her throat that had lasted for many months. Within two days, it was gone.

Carol has a master’s degree in social work from California State University, Sacramento, and has worked with such populations as developmentally disabled and mentally ill people who committed felonies. She enjoys singing, and has performed as a soloist for audiences as large as 6,000 throughout N.Y.C. and Los Angeles.

Carol practices alternative approaches to health care—aroma therapy, chakra balancing, raindrop therapy, and the like–to help others feel better. Please join her in this process; schedule an appointment today!